Short Film | 2021


After the disastrous outcomes of his previous relationships, Jack seems to have fallen in love with the right girl, Sofie, to the point that he ends up proposing to her. They soon get married and leave for a romantic honeymoon on a beach resort.

Could Sofie be the one that gets him on the right track? Has he really changed? Has he finally put a stop to those endless pranks of his that saw him lose an eye, get shot, and maim friends, relatives and loved ones? Jack is convinced his prank days are over. That is, until he spots fake shark fin on a boat during a diving tour…

Directed by Nash Edgerton, who’s also written the story together with longtime partner-in-crime David Michod (“Animal Kingdom”), “Shark” is the final journey in the trilogy kicked off by critically acclaimed “Spider” (2007) and continued by “Bear” (2011).

Providing at the same time an hilarious insight into Jack’s younger years as well as the perfect final chapter to his cursed loved stories, “Shark” is bound to deliver yet another shockingly gripping work of art, full of dark humor, action and – yes – sentimentality gone wrong.

‘Cos it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Directed byNash Edgerton

Produced byMichele Bennett

Written byNash Edgerton + David Michod

Executive ProducersNash Edgerton, Lucia Nicolai, Marcello Paolillo

Co-ProducerMadeleine Levins

Main CastNash Edgerton + Rose Byrne

Director of PhotographyAaron McLisky ACS

Edited byDavid Whittaker

Sound SupervisorRobert Mackenzie

Original MusicBen Lee

Production DesignClaire Granville

Costume DesignSophie Fletcher

Make Up + HairHolly Anderson

Special Make Up EffectsPaul Katte + Nick Nicolaou

CastingKirsty McGregor CGA CSA

Film poster

International poster art


The origins of a prankster – Nash Edgerton on Filmink

Film stills

Jack (Edgerton) + Sofie (Byrne)

Jack (Edgerton) reminiscing old pranks.

Jack (Edgerton) + Sofie (Byrne)

Jack (Edgerton) ready for a dive

Sofie (Byrne) enjoying the blue ocean