TV series | 2018

In development


From the creators of Gabriel, winner of the Web Series World Cup and other 18 international awards, comes a bold and visually arresting original longform bound to keep you on the edge of your couch.

Teofilo Ker is a Parisian social worker who means good but, due to a set of unexpected circumstances and ill-advised decisions, ends up on the other side of the law. Cuckolded by his wife – a Vice cop – struggling to reconnect with his troubled daughter, and frustrated by the powerlessness of his job, Teofilo turns to pimping in order to protect Frane, a young student who doubles up as sex-worker to make ends meet. Teofilo thus enters a new, dark and violent world that he only vaguely understands; and drags his best friend Gaylerd down with him.
Funny and daring, Proxo is an original look at relationships and roles in our society, an exciting and brazen new series articulated around six hourly episodes.

Directed byArnaud d'Ancona & Gwendal Biscueil

Created by Arnaud d'Ancona & Gwendal Biscueil

Produced byFastProd

In Association withArt of Panic

Executive Story EditorsLucia Nicolai, Marcello Paolillo

Executive ProducersLucia Nicolai, Marcello Paolillo