The Man Who Stole Banksy

Documentary | 2018



“The Man Who Stole Banksy” starts as the story of the Palestinian perspective on the most important street artist in the world and soon turns into the discovery of an extensive secret market of masonry stolen from city streets around the world, of cultures meeting and clashing in the face of an unsustainable political situation, and of the ongoing debate of commercialization versus preservation in Street Art. It’s not a single story, but many.
Just like Banksy’s art would be meaningless without its context, so the absence of it, the baffling theft of it, would be meaningless without an understanding of all the moving parts that brought his artwork from Bethlehem to a western auction house, along with the wall it was painted on.
The story is told through interviews to art dealers, restorers, copyright lawyers and street artists themselves. They all take a side, and this film gives unique access to all of them. In the last three years the director and his crew gained their trust – crucially, before they went under fire in the public forum. Up to this day they are the only ones they would talk to. “The Man Who Stole Banksy” doesn’t want to express a specific opinion in the debate: it’s up to the audience to make up their own mind. The goal is simply to pose questions. If graffiti is by definition an ephemeral form of art, should it then be allowed to disappear as the artists intended? And what is, if any, the intrinsic value of street art?

DirectorMarco Proserpio

Narrated byIggy Pop

Written byMarco Proserpio, Filippo Perfido, Christian Omodeo

Produced byMarco Proserpio, Filippo Perfido

In Collaboration withRai Cinema

In Association withElle Driver

Executive ProducersLucia Nicolai, Marcello Paolillo

Associate ProducerChiara Andrea Cima

CinematographerJacopo Farina

EditorDomenico Nicoletti

Live SoundMatteo Pansana

Original Music byFederico Dragona, Matteo Pansana

Vocals byVictor Kwality

Art Direction & Production DesignPaolo Proserpio, Jacopo Frigerio


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