With over 20 years of hands-on experience in the film and TV business, we can count on an extensive international network of contacts (broadcasters, platforms, sales agents, distributors, producers and filmmaking talents all around the world), a great sense of the global marketplace, an innate penchant for coolness, a trained eye for groundbreaking content and a proper Italian craftsmanship that guarantees the most excellent output.
We’re familiar with the filmed content value chain: from initial concept to international exploitation of the finished product.
We use a bespoke approach: we create production, distribution and marketing strategy tailor-made for each project (outsourcing, when needed, the best professionals whether it’s production crews, graphic designers or dubbing facilities).
We keep fingers on the pulse: constantly updated, embracing market changes and technological innovation affecting content development and production, and with a flavour for cutting edge ideas.
We are international, yet local: our intuition for quality storytelling makes us seize the right project in a global environment regardless of where it originates from.
We have no boundaries: gender, genre, platform and format agnostic.

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Film & TV Production

Authoring & development: concept creation, screenplay development, script-writing, script-doctoring, script-supervision, editorial research.
Budget & financial planning: from
analysing concept and script to drafting a budget that guarantees smart and effective production, and building the right financial plan to look for the resources necessary to start production.
Production set-up: from the devising of the best crew structure to the supervision of post-production and final delivery.

Marketing Strategy

Market analysis: we analyse a project’s target market ( demo, territories, platforms) and devise the best distribution strategy.
Pitch presentation: a powerful visualization of concept (pdf, videoreel) with synopsis, moodboard, director’s notes, international comps etc. An essential tool when searching for producing and distribution partners.
Exploitation strategy: a tailor-made analysis of the festivals and markets that better suit your project and a thoroughly planned networking strategy across our extensive pool of contacts worldwide.

Creative Direction

Festival & events curation: creation of original concepts, content programming, curation and organisation of special event at film festivals, showcases etc.
Brand strategy: from creative direction to brand identity and cross-platform marketing strategy, we devise the best strategy to build, renew or enhance your company’s profile and B2B or B2C communication approach.
Media consulting: TV channels rebrands and launches, analysis of trends, formats & finished, content strategy for editorial ventures, brands, products and services.


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