Production companies usually complete their task with the delivery of the print. But what is content if it cannot be enjoyed by its audience? And what is the right audience for a given piece of content? Here’s where our skills and expertise at marketing and distribution come in handy.

Perfectly aware of the crucial importance of properly introducing a film in the market, we build early on, during production, a marketing and international exploitation strategy.
We discover and scout the most captivating ideas and point of views and turn them into a visual narrative with a high market flair, with the same passion and care of an exquisite Italian hand-made piece of art.
We connect our talents towards the right collaborators, while guiding them through the cogs and wheels of the industry and help them make informed decisions.
We look for the best partners and outlets for the projects we originate to bring out the full potential of each project.

Looking for a Consultancy?

Bespoke guidance and assistance on a variety of projects:

  • Budget & Financial Planning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Festival & Events Curation

Market analysis

To evaluate each content’s feasibility and best opportunities (given its editorial and financial elements), we analyse its target market, in terms of demo, territories, platforms and devise the best strategy not only to make it come to life but also to be enjoyed by the best and widest audience possible.

Elevator Pitch

Starting from concept, we create a powerful pitch presentation (via keynote, powerpoint, pdf, videoreel) which includes all the essential elements that will make your content stand out from the crowd: from story info (logline, synopsis, characters’ descriptions) to production timeline, from moodboard, director’s notes and visual treatment to international and domestic comparisons etc. It’s a proper producer’s package to be used to approach talents, co-producers, sales agents, distributors, broadcasters (linear and non-linear) and OTT platforms.

Exploitation strategy

We devise the best distribution and exploitation routes for your content (feature film, TV or web series, short), starting from a tailor-made analysis of the festivals and markets which are the ideal fit for it, and we give the project the best exposure possible through an extensive network of international contacts that we’ve built across the years in all sectors of the industry.

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