from our editorial Staff

The Man Who Stole Banksy, the feature length documentary we executive produced, directed by Marco Proserpio and narrated by Iggy Pop, keeps its festival round strong also kicking off its theatrical releases around the world.

After the world premiere in competition at the Tribeca Film Festival last April and its European one at the Sheffield Doc Fest in June, the film is going to be one of most anticipated titles at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. The screening will take place on 21 July and producer Filippo Perfido will be present at the Castro Theatre for the Q&A with the audience.

July is an important month also ‘cos it sees the very first theatrical release of the documentary, in Russia. Just see how cool the poster art in cyrillic is???

But the showings for the public don’t stop here: on August 4th, the film will be out in Japan (another great example of artwork, you’re welcome)

while on September 21st it will be Sweden’s turn.

And – hear hear! – we can also announce with pride and glory that the film is truly coming home (no pun intended, or maybe yes) with an Italian event release, set for 11-12 December as part of the “La Grande Arte” cycle presented by Nexo Digital. Not bad, considering the famed graffiti artist is in the company of Dali, Klimt, Schiele and Monet.