We are the Italian one-stop shop for international independent filmmaking talent who want to see their innovative, diverse, compelling and cross-market ideas being developed and produced with the highest quality standards and marketed in the most suitable and profitable way.
Combining an industrial mindset with a creative and tailor-made execution for each project we take on, we follow all phases of content production (be it a feature or short film, a web or TV series), from pre-production and development to shooting, post-production and delivery.
We firmly believe in an international approach that maintains local flavor, and we guarantee credibility, quality of product, proficiency in execution and top-notch production value, which sprouts from a close attention to budget without compromising the creative elements.
We nurture filmmaking talents whose voices deserve being heard, by developing their creative intuitions into palatable concepts and gripping stories.
We like to work on unique, daring, game-changing stories, that we thoroughly craft into bespoke filmed content and visual experiences with global appeal, without limiting ourselves in terms of platform, market, genre.

Looking for a Consultancy?

Bespoke guidance and assistance on a variety of projects:

  • Media Consulting
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Exploitation Strategy

Authoring & development

Our services range from concept creation and screenplay development, to script-writing, script-doctoring and script-supervision through notes, re-writes and viability analysis for production. Our activity in this field also includes acquisition of book rights and remake rights, background research and storyline planning (corkboard).

Budget & financial planning

Through a thorough analysis of concept and script (where available) we draft a budget that guarantees smart and effective production, from pre-production phase to post-production. We also build financial plans aimed at finding the right resources (platforms, broadcasters, distributors, sales agents, grants, sponsorships) needed for setting the project in motion and starting production.

Production set-up

Given the budget needs, we devise the best crew structure, which we oversee and coordinate via regular meetings, on-set visits (where required), as well as direction and/or supervision of the post-production and delivery of the completed filmed content (and all the essential items included in the final delivery list such as press-book, poster art etc).

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