We’ve worked for corporate media, major studios, film distributors, international film festivals (Viacom International Media Networks, Kimmel International, Nexo Digital, RAI, Locarno Film Festival to name a few) encompassing all sectors of filmmaking (production, acquisitions, distribution, marketing, brand strategy, creative direction and festival curation) across various territories such as UK, USA, Southern Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Our extensive expertise in the international film and TV industry and our unique backgrounds that perfectly match business with editorial, auteur with pop culture, make us perfect partners for brands, events and media companies willing to target their preferred audiences through a tailor-made storytelling, a powerful brand identity, a bespoke content strategy or sponsorship/branded content operation. Whether it’s a connoisseur film festival or a consumer pop event, whether it’s a matter of positioning a brand in the marketplace or devising the right content strategy for TV channel to cut through the noise (including acquisitions, programming and original productions), we are here to help.

Looking for a Consultancy?

Bespoke guidance and assistance on a variety of projects:

  • Production set-up
  • Authoring & Development
  • Market analysis

Festival & events curation

Creation of original concepts for entertainment events (BtoB and BtoC); curation and organisation of special programming, panels, exhibitions, selections, special projects at film festivals and events; organisation of sponsored events connected to filmed content launches, festivals, exhibitions.

Brand strategy

We work with brands identifying their communication on all platforms, storytelling needs and brand values, to strengthen and refresh their brand strategy, including creative direction, brand identity, branded content, branded entertainment and marketing strategy. We also match commercial brands willing to tell their stories in a more palatable way than the ordinary advertising solution with producers, talents, distributors, events so to better connect with their target audiences.

Media consulting

We have a thorough expertise in TV channel rebrands and launches, market analysis for specific content, research of format & finished content, analysis of industry trends, content acquisitions, programming and storytelling strategy for editorial ventures, distributors, broadcasters (linear and non-linear), products and services.

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