God’s Own Country

Italian Marketing Strategy | 2018

Fil Rouge Media

Our activity

Launch strategy for the film on the Italian market and trailer production.
Marketing plan focused on social media campaign and coordinated posting, communications initiatives involving the local LGBT community and celebs.



The tough lives of traditional farming families and the harsh gloriousness of the West Yorkshire landscape offer an inspiring  backdrop to a poignant story of love and self-discovery in British writer-director Francis Lee’s feature debut, God’s Own Country. Johnny Saxby is a repressed gay man in his early 20’s living a dull existence with his grandmother and father, who – left debilitated by a stroke – entrusted the sheep farm to him. But Johnny is only interested in nightly drinking binges and occasional sex encounters. Thanks to the arrival in town of handsome Gheorghe, a Romanian itinerant worker who, although finds a strong resistance in Johnny, at first, is able to make him discover love for himself, for nature and for life.



30 nominations and 27 wins, among which: Sundance Film Festival 2017, Stockholm Film Festival 2017, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2017, British International Film Festival 2017, Berlin International Film Festival 2017

Areas of intervention:

  • Social media campaign
  • Communications strategy
  • Trailer

God's Own Country - Italian Trailers